Wojciech Kilar

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Wojciech Kilar (Polish pronunciation: [ˈvɔjt͡ɕex kilar] (pronounced phonetically: Voy-chekh Kee-lahr) ; b. July 17, 1932 in Lwów, Poland) is a Polish classical and film music composer.



[1] Wojciech Kilar is inarguably one of Poland’s finest composers. Born in Lwów in 1932 - now a city in Ukraine, it was part of Poland at the time. His father was a medical doctor, a gynecologist and his mother was a theater actress. Kilar has spent most of his life (since 1948) where he lives now, in the city of Katowice in Southern Poland,[2] happily married (from April 1966 to November 2007) to Barbara Pomianowska, a pianist.[3] Kilar was 22 years old when he met 18 year old Barbara, his future wife.[4]


[5] Kilar studied at some of Poland's finest music academies, including the State Higher School of Music in Katowice, under the composer and pianist Władysława Markiewiczówna, graduating with top honors in 1955. He continued his post-graduate studies at the State Higher School of Music in Kraków from 1955 to 1958 under composer and pianist Bolesław Woytowicz. In 1957 he participated in the International New Music Summer Course in Darmstadt. Kilar expanded on his musical education in Paris in 1959-60, when a scholarship from the French government allowed him to study composition under Nadia Boulanger.

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