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Lieutenant J.G. (TNG Seasons 1-2)
Lieutenant (TNG Seasons 3-7)
Lieutenant Commander (Feature films and DS9)
Captain - Klingon Empire (DS9)
Ambassador - The Federation to Klingon Empire1 (DS9 & Beyond)

Worf, played by Michael Dorn, is a main character in Star Trek: The Next Generation and in seasons four to seven of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also appears in the films based on The Next Generation. Worf is the first Klingon main character to appear in Star Trek, and has appeared in more Star Trek episodes than any other character. Worf was the only character to be a regular in more than one live-action Star Trek series (While Miles O'Brien was featured in both in The Next Generation and Deep Space 9, he was not a regular cast member in the former series).



Worf was at first not intended to be a regular character, since Roddenberry wanted to avoid "retreads of characters or races featured prominently in the original Star Trek series", and so the June 1, 1987 cast portrait did not include Worf.[1] Several "tall, slim, black actors" auditioned for Worf before Michael Dorn came along, walking into the audition in character and not smiling [2] (Indeed, Michael Dorn found the seriousness of the role, especially during the audition, at first to be uncomfortable, since he considers himself a comedian at heart).

Family history

The House of Mogh was a family of high social and political rank which was for a time represented on the Klingon High Council. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Worf's grandfather Colonel Worf (also portrayed by Michael Dorn) appears in a role as the legal advocate of Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy after they are accused of killing Chancellor Gorkon of the Klingon High Council. He was also a member of the Klingon delegation at Camp Khitomer. Although not explicitly stated, he was intended to be Worf's grandfather [3].

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