World Conference against Racism

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The World Conference against Racism (WCAR) are international events organised by the UNESCO to struggle against racism ideologies and behaviours. Twenty-seven conferences have been held so far, in 1978, 1983, 2001 and 2009. Founded after World War II and The Holocaust as a dependent body of the United Nations, the UNESCO started as soon as its creation to promote scientific studies concerning ethnic groups and their diffusion in the public opinion to dispel pseudo-scientific rationalizations of racism. One of its first published work was The Race Question in 1950, signed by various internationally renowned scholars.


1978 conference

Academic boycott · Sporting boycott
Disinvestment ·Constructive engagement

UN Resolution 1761 (1962)
Crime of Apartheid Convention (1973)
Gleneagles Agreement (1977)
Sullivan Principles (1977)
Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act (1986)

Anti-Apartheid Movement
UN Special Committee against Apartheid
Artists United Against Apartheid
Halt All Racist Tours
Organisation of African Unity

1964 Conference for Economic Sanctions
1978 World Conference against Racism

Resolution 181 · Resolution 191
Resolution 282 · Resolution 418
Resolution 435 · Resolution 591

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