Wrigley, Northwest Territories

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Wrigley (South Slavey language: Pehdzeh Ki "clay place") (2001 population 165) is a "Designated Authority"[7] in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. The community is located on the east bank of the Mackenzie River, just below its confluence with the Wrigley River and about 466 mi (750 km) northwest of Yellowknife.

Originally situated at Fort Wrigley, the community relocated to its present location in 1965, because it was more easily accessible. The population continues to maintain a traditional lifestyle, trapping, hunting, and fishing.

Population is 165 according to the 2006 Census, the majority of which are First Nations.[1]

The Dene of the community are represented by the Pehdzeh Ki First Nation and belong to the Dehcho First Nations.[8]

The community has a K-9 school, Chief Julian Yendo School.[9]

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