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A writer is a person who produces literary content, including but not limited to stories, poetry, music and other literary art, advertising, procedures, and books.



The word is almost synonymous with author. Skilled writers are able to use language to portray ideas and images, whether fiction or non-fiction. A writer may compose in many different forms including (but certainly not limited to) poetry, prose, or music. Accordingly, a writer in specialist mode may rank as a poet, novelist, copywriter, composer, lyricist, playwright, mythographer, journalist, screenwriter for film or television, etc. (See also: creative writing, technical writing and academic papers.)

Writers' output frequently contributes to the cultural content of a society, and that society may value its writerly corpus – or literature – as an art much like the visual arts (see: painting, sculpture, photography), music, craft and performance art (see: drama, theatre, opera, musical).

In Colonial England, a "Writer" was the lowest grade in the civil services abroad. With respect to society, little has changed in this regard. The East India Company requirements for a "Writer" was a basic knowledge of accounts and youth. Applicants had to sign a bond and obtain a nomination.[1] In the British Royal Navy, writer is the trade designation for an administrative clerk.

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