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XERF-AM is a Mexican clear-channel station on 1570 kHz in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, near the United States border. It gained fame as a 250-kilowatt border blaster used by famed disc jockeys Ramon D. Bosquez, Arturo Gonzalez, and Wolfman Jack. Now branded as La Poderosa, it is owned by the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio (IMER), a Mexican public broadcaster.

In earlier times, the station was operated under the laws of Mexico by Ramón D. Bósquez. Once world-famous, XERF commenced operations in 1947 using the old facilities of John R. Brinkley's XERA, which ceased broadcasting in 1939. XERF was not a continuation of XERA.


1949 through the 1970s

The facilities of the old XERA border blaster which had been created by John R. Brinkley, were confiscated by the Mexican government in 1939 and the license for Villa Acuña remained silent until 1947. In that year a new license was granted to Ramon D. Bosquez who created a new radio station originally using the old facilities of the defunct XERA. The station came on the air with a power of 100 kW. For many years the station made money by selling its time after nightfall to American evangelists who broadcast in English to the United States.

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