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YMCK is a Japanese Chiptune band. The band members are as follows; Midori (vocals), Yokemura (music, lyrics, arrangement), and Nakamura (music video).

Their work has not been confined to Japan, having released albums in Korea, Thailand and the USA as well as appearing at various events around in East Asia and Europe.

YMCK's name is derived from Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black (known as CMYK), a subtractive color model.



YMCK was formed in May 2003 when Midori joined Yokemura and Nakamura. They soon released their first work; a CD-R containing 6 tracks.

In 2004, YMCK appeared at Microdisko [1] in Stockholm, Sweden. In the same year they released their first full album, "Family Music".

In 2005, YMCK made another appearance outside of Japan, this time at the FORMOZ FESTIVAL [2] in Taipei, Taiwan and at the FAT FESTIVAL [3] in Bangkok, Thailand. They also released their second full album, "FAMILY RACING".

In 2006, they returned to Taiwan to appear at the FORMOZ FESTIVAL for the second time.

In January 2009, they appeared in Sweden once again, and this time at UppCon [4] in Uppsala.

In January 2009, they played in the opening ceremonies for Katsucon 15 in Arlington Virginia (DC).

In 2009, YMCK remixed the #1 hit song Days by Japanese mega-star Ayumi Hamasaki.

In 2009, YMCK released their third album "FAMILY GENESIS", made available for the first time on the iTunes store in the U.S.A.


Note: The English is not necessarily a direct translation of the Japanese. The English titles are taken from the English version of the website. For example, track one on "FAMILY RACING" was actually titled "FAMILY RACING" instead of "Opening" on the Japanese release.

Studio albums

FAMILY MUSIC (CD-R edition) (2003, self-released)

Family Music (2004, Usagi-Chang(JP)/Pastel(SKR)/Records of the Damned(USA))

FAMILY RACING (2005, Usagi-Chang(JP)/Pastel(SKR)/smallroom(TH)

Single NemesisYMCK (2007) spread for free at http://deathrockstar.info/sajama-cut-nemesis-ep/

FAMILY GENESIS (2008, avex Group(JP)/Records of the Damned(USA))

YMCK SONGBOOK: songs before 8bit (2008, avex Group (JP) - Covers album; original artists listed in parentheses

FAMILY COOKING (2009, Avex Group (JP)


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