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Yabasic (Yet Another BASIC) is a free and open source BASIC interpreter for Windows and Unix platforms.[1] Yabasic was originally developed by Marc-Oliver Ihm, who released the last stable version 2.763 in 2005. Version 3 is developed by a team centered around Pedro Sá and Thomas Larsen. The Yabasic interpreter is quite compact at about 250 kilobytes total.



Yabasic started as a very simple interpreter around May 1995. When it was released as version 1.0 it lacked many features like arrays and loops. In summer 1996, Yabasic was ported to the Win32 platform (Version 2.0). Further improvements were the addition of subroutines and libraries (summer 1999, version 2.57), and graphic capabilities.

In August 2007, Ihm stated that "probably (he) will not develop Yabasic any further (beyond version 2.763) within the foreseeable future", due to a lack of time.[1] Sá and Larsen have revived the project, and currently work on Yabasic 3,[2] and on releasing bugfixes for version 2.763.[3] Several beta releases of version 3 have been released since December 2009.[4]


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