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A yeshiva is an institution in classical Judaism for the study of its traditional, central texts.

Alternate spellings and names include yeshivah (English pronunciation: /jəˈʃiːvə/; Hebrew: ישיבה‎, "sitting" (noun); plural yeshivot and yeshivas); metivta and mesivta (Aramaic: מתיבתא methivta); Beth midrash, Talmudical Academy, Rabbinical Academy; and Rabbinical School.

Yeshivot are generally, but not always, associated with Orthodox Judaism.

Yeshivot generally cater to boys or men, although now many Modern Orthodox yeshivot also educate girls. In traditional Orthodox Judaism, such education takes place in separate classrooms with somewhat different curricula.[citation needed] Equivalent women's institutions include the Beis Yaakov, at high school level, and the "seminary" at further education level.

A yeshiva gedola ("senior/great yeshiva") usually is a post-secondary institution; the name yeshiva ketana ("junior/small yeshiva") can describe institutions catering to boys of elementary-school and of high-school age. Yeshiva also is a generic name for any school that teaches Torah, Mishnah, and Talmud, to any age group.

A kollel is a yeshiva with a framework for independent study and providing stipends for male married students.

Learning at a yeshiva includes Torah study; the study of Rabbinic literature, especially the Talmud (Rabbinic Judaism's central work); and the study of Responsa for Jewish observance, and alternatively ethical (Musar) or mystical (Hasidic philosophy) texts. In some institutions, classical Jewish philosophy (Hakira) texts or Kabbalah are studied, or the works of individual thinkers (such as Abraham Isaac Kook).


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