Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository

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The Yucca Mountain Repository is the United States' designated deep geological repository storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and other radioactive waste. It is located between the Mojave Desert and the Great Basin Deserts in the U.S. State of Nevada. Although the location has been highly contested by environmentalists and residents, it was approved in 2002 by the United States Congress. In 2009 the Obama Administration stated that the site was no longer an option and proposed to eliminate all funding in the 2009 United States federal budget, prompting inquiries from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The repository is to be on federal land adjacent to the Nevada Test Site in Nye County, Nevada, about 80 mi (130 km) northwest of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The repository was within Yucca Mountain, a ridge line in the south-central part of Nevada. The ridge is composed of volcanic material (mostly tuff) ejected from a now extinct caldera-forming supervolcano.


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