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Zinf is a free audio player released under the GNU General Public License. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and Windows.

Zinf is a continuation of the FreeAmp project and uses the same source code.[1][2]


Technical features

Zinf can play sound files in MP3, Vorbis, and WAV formats, among others.[3] It supports skins and is part of the MusicBrainz network. The player features an optimized version of the Xing MPEG decoder, a powerful music browser and playlist editor, and a built in download manager which supports downloading files from sites using the RMP (RealJukebox) download process. Zinf was also notable for handling all audio files based on their metadata (Author, Album, Song Title), and hiding more-technical details like actual locations and file names[4] (but these features are now standard in many players).


Zinf is a recursive acronym that stands for "Zinf Is Not FreeAmp!"[4] Use of the name FreeAmp had to be discontinued due to trademark issues, as "AMP" is a trademark of PlayMedia Systems, Inc.[5][6]


The FreeAmp project was originally funded by EMusic, who paid the salaries of 3 developers working on the player. Later, Relatable joined EMusic to help support continued development.[7]

In January 2001, after 2 years of funding the project EMusic pulled their support, and subsequently fired the developers.[8] The Zinf project was unable to find another sponsor, and development slowed greatly. The most recent release was made in early 2004. As of 2008, nearly all development of Zinf has ceased.[citation needed]

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