Andrew Conway


Graduate Students
Brooke Macnamara '14
Michael Chow '16
Tasha Holden '17

Post-doctoral Fellows
David Moreau

Undergraduate Students
Helen Chen '13
Rae Dratch '13
Kevin Navetta '13
Will Lawley '13
Neilen Benvegnu '13

Former Graduate Students (from Princeton)

Adame Moore '11
Assistant Professor, University of Edinburgh

Former Graduate Students (from the University of Illinois at Chicago)
Michael F. Bunting, Associate Research Scientist
University of Maryland, Center for Advanced Study of Language

Timothy K. Miura
Instructor, Loyola University

Gregory Colflesh
Post-doc, Georgia Tech

Former Post-doctoral Fellows
Pascale Engel-de-Abreau
Post-doc, University of Lexembourg

Former Undergraduate Advisees (still in the business)
Richard P. Heitz
Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Mark Thornton
Graduate Student, Harvard University