Alex Dytso

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Alex Dytso

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department of Electrical Engineering
Princeton University


B311 Engineering Quadrangle
Princeton, NJ, 08544

About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University working under the supervision of Professor H. Vincent Poor.

In 2018 I was a Lecturer in the Department of Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton University.

I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I was lucky to have Professor Daniela Tuninetti and Professor Natasha Devroye as my advisors.

Research Interests

  • Estimation Theory

  • Information Theory

  • Wireless Communications

  • Optimization Theory


  • March 2020: The following paper has been accepted for publication and is to appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory: A. Dytso, H. V. Poor, “Estimation in Poisson Noise: Properties of The Conditional Mean Estimator.”

  • February 2020:

    • See our recent submission to arXiv on a class of lower bounds for Bayesian Risk with a Bregman Loss.

  • Novermber 2019:

  • October 2019: Two of our journal papers have been accepted for publication:

  • September 2019: I gave a talk at Bell Labs at Crawford Hill on Optimization over Probability Spaces. Hosted by Ori Shental. Crawford Hill is home to Holmdel Horn antenna (i.e., 'Big Bang’ antenna). Photo

  • August 2019: Two of our papers have been presented at ITW 2019:

    • A. Dytso and H. V. Poor, “Properties of The Conditional Mean Estimator in Poisson Noise”

    • S. Yagli, A. Dytso, H. V. Poor, “Estimation of Bounded Normal Mean: An Alternative Proof for the Discreteness of the Least Favorable Prior”

  • August 2019: See our recent submission to arXiv on recovering sorted noisy data.

  • July 2019: Two of our papers have been presented at ISIT 2019:

    • A. Dytso, M. Cardone, M. S. Veedu, H. V. Poor, “On Estimation under Noisy Order Statistics”

    • S. Yagli, A. Dytso, H. V. Poor, S. Shamai (Shitz), “An Upper Bound on the Number of Mass Points in the Capacity Achieving Distribution for the Amplitude Constrained Additive Gaussian Channel”

  • June 2019: Professor H. Vincent Poor and I are guest editing a special issue on ‘‘Wireless Networks: Information Theoretic Perspectives" in the Entropy journal. Please consider submitting.

  • June 2019: I co-organized the 5th Workshop on Physical-Layer Methods for Wireless Security at IEEE CNS ’19, Washington DC, June 2019 (with Mario Goldenbaum, Rafael F. Schaefer, H. Vincent Poor, and Holger Boche).

  • January 2019: See our recent submission to arXiv that makes progress on the long-standing open problem of how to characterize capacity achieving distributions for amplitude constraint Gaussian noise channel.