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NB: Note: Map links seem to change constantly. These were good as recently as 10/99.
Links to timelines etc. still working.

Images and Maps for Homeric Epic

  • Iliad: Major cities of the epic heroes.
  • Odyssey: The Returns of the ACHAEAN LEADERS.
  • Images of the Trojan War from classical (i.e. post-Homeric) art.
  • Clickable map of the Greek world. 1350 BC: Greece and the East near the end of the heroic age: The Great Kingdoms of the High Bronze Age.
    1300 BC: The Confederacy of Achaeans against Troy (= Ilios) Map for the Iliad
    1350. The Trojan war (ca. 1187 BCE) seen from the East's point of view.

    Very Good General map of Archaic Greece and Asia Minor, containing Athens, Mycee, Pylos, Troy, etc.
    Other resources on Homer
    Good short capsule summary of Troy and its archaeology
    Remarks on Homeric similes and epic style

    Images and Maps for Hebrew Bible

    Time-line of important dates in the history of Jerusalem Map of the Near East just before the time of Abraham's migration
    Israel and its neighbors around the time Genesis written
    Other resources on Bible
    Brief, Good General History of Hebrew scriptures
    Historical: Israelites, Canaanites and Others

    Images and Maps for Greek Tragedy

    Theater of Dionysus: Orchestra and seats: 1 and 2
    Acropolis, aerial view (theater in upper left)
    The great Victory: map of the Persian Empire compared with Greece: 1 and 2
    Map: The Athenian Empire at the time of Sophocles.
    Other resources for Greek Tragedy
    Good background on Greek Tragedy (The dramatic Festivals, the Theater, dramatic stucture).

    Images and Maps for Roman and Christian Literature

    323. The Conquests of Alexander the Great

    270: A rising Rome prepares to square off against Carthage.

    25 B.C. Rome after the Victory of Octavian at Actium.

    53-55 AD. St. Paul's Third Journey.
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