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Ephraim Chen '09

Ephraim is majoring in aerospace engineering. His personal academic interests mainly revolve around orbital mechanics, spacecraft design, energy sources, and industrial engineering. Besides the AIAA at Princeton, he is involved with the University Chapel Deacons, the Kindred Spirit a cappella group and Christian campus fellowships. He enjoys racquet sports, classical music, reading and technical drawing.

Matthew Isakowitz '09

Matthew is from Oak Hill, Virginia, majoring in aerospace engineering. When he's not studying aerospace or jogging around the Princeton campus, he can be found giving tours as part of Princeton's Orange Key tour service. Within the aerospace field, his interests include space exploration, amateur astronomy, and the history of aerospace. One of his fondest memories was traveling to Mojave, California in September 2004 to witness the historic flight of SpaceShipOne, a vehicle which now hangs in the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

Carly Sakamura '10
Vice President

Dan Maass '09

Trevor O'Neill '10
Tech/Web Chair

David Hegermiller '10
Social Chair



Recent Events

Model Rocket Competition
Check out to get a look at the kinds of rockets we launched from West Winsor fields, which is across Lake Carnegie from main campus.

Movie Night
showing either The Right Stuff, Apollo 13 or October Sky in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Sputnik.

Hypersonics Lab Trip
We recently took a field trip to the GASL hypersonics lab on Long Island.

Dr. Ruth David Presentation