Amaney A. Jamal

Associate Professor
Department of Politics
Princeton University
241 Corwin Hall

Workshop on Arab
Political Development


Below is a collection, many with full-text and/or web links, of my published monographs and journal articles. Also available are working papers, book chapters, think pieces, and presentations.


Barriers to Democracy: The Other Side of Social Capital in Palestine and the Arab World. Princeton: Princeton University Press (2007).

Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9-11: From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press (2008).

Citizenship and Crisis: Arab Detroit After 9-11. New York: Russell Sage Foundation (2009).

Of Empires and Citizens: Authoritarian Persistance in the Arab World. (Working Manuscript).

Journal Articles

“Democratic Utility of Trust: A Cross-National Analysis” (with Irfan Nooruddin). Forthcoming. Journal of Politics, Winter 2010. [Web Appendix ]

“Dimensions of Democratic Support in the Arab World” (with Mark Tessler). Journal of Democracy, January 2008. Also in Larry Diamond and Marc Plattner, eds. How People View Democracy. John Hopkins University Press, October 2008.

“When is Social Trust a Desirable Outcome? Evidence from the Arab World.” Comparative Political Studies, November 2007.

“The Prospects of Democratic and Economic Reform in the Arab World.” Perspectives on Politics, Fall 2005.

“Regimes and Rules: Reassessing the Influence of Regime Type on Electoral Law Formation” (with Ellen Lust-Okar). Comparative Political Studies, 35.3 (April 2002).

"Assimilating to a White Identity: The Case of Arab Americans" (with Kristine Ajrouch). International Migration Review, Fall 2007.

"The Political Participation and Engagement of Muslim Americans: Mosque Involvement and Group Consciousness." American Politics Research, May 2005.

“Mosques, Collective Identity, and Gender Differences among Arab-American Muslims.” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, Winter 2005.

“Muslim Americans, Islam and the "War on Terrorism" at Home and Abroad” (review article, with Sunaina Maira). Middle East Journal, Summer 2005.

“Symposium: The Methodologies of Field Research in the Middle East.” PS, July 2006.

Also available are working papers, book chapters, think pieces, and presentations.