CBE 419/519

Professor Link taught CBE 419: Enzymes in Spring 2016 and 2017, and will teach it again in Spring 2018. Enzymes are the engines that fuel life, catalyzing a vast array of different chemical reactions. This course will focus first on enzyme kinetics and the structural biology of enzymes. With these tools we will next move to a series of case studies about different enzymes and enzyme families.

CBE 438/538

Professor Link taught CBE 438/538: Biomolecular Engineering from Fall 2007-Spring 2015. The course, aimed at graduate students and upper-level undergrads, focuses on the design and engineering of biological macromolecules. Topics covered include a review of protein and nucleic acid chemistry and structure, rational and computational protein design, evolutionary protein and RNA engineering, pathway design and engineering, and synthetic biology.

CBE 250

Professor Link taught CBE 250: Separations in Biotechnology and Chemical Process Engineering from Spring 2009 to Fall 2016. This course covers the theory and practice of separations technologies used in the chemical and biochemical industry. Both equilibrium and rate-based separations will be discussed including distillation and chromatography as the primary examples. The first 2/3 of the course will focus on traditional chemical separations while the remainder of the course will be devoted to bioseparations.