Psy/Orf 322 Human Machine Interactions Spring 2004

Homework 6

Anomalies Homework Assignment, Prof. Jahn

due Wednesday, 4/28

1.  How should the skeptical scientist respond to claims of anomalous physical phenomena that are inconsistent with prevailing theory?

2.  Select one of the PEAR experiments demonstrated in the lab and critique it from the perspective of a responsible skeptical scientist.

3.  Using the same PEAR experiment, critique it from the perspective of an experimental operator, commenting on:
        a.  its ease of technical operation;
        b.  the degree of personal engagement it elicits;
        c.  the subjective strategies that seem most effective;
        d.  the role of the laboratory environment.

4.  How would you integrate the perspectives of the responsible skeptic and the participating operator in assessing the validity of the experimental results?