The source code for Almagest OpenSource software is available for download to the .edu community at SourceForge.

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About Almagest and Almagest Lecture Builder

Almagest and Almagest Lecture Builder are tools for teaching and learning that can

  • manage and store media
  • create and display digital lectures and presentations
  • annotate and contextualize data for teaching

The database is the result of more than a decade of development and has been used as a tool for teaching and scholarship at Princeton University for the past nine years.


Almagest is a relational data base that can be used to store and organize a wide range of media, and create a network of bi-directional links among objects, people, texts and ideals.

Almagest creates a web-based, permanent archive of data of many types. Because the underlying database is relational, the link structure provides an almost limitless set of complex relationships that catalog, annotate and cross-reference data. The database can be used for research projects and courses.

Lecture Builder

Lecture Builder is an editing tool within Almagest that can be used to organize and display data stored in the Almagest database. It is most commonly used as a display tool for images and multimedia objects (i.e. film clips or sound files), and as such, creates virtual "slide presentations" that can be viewed in the classroom with a digital projector, or seen by authorized users from any computer with an internet connection. Lecture Builder has various display options that are suited for lectures, quizzes, and self-directed study. Lectures are saved in the database, and can be reused, edited, or updated by the project's editor(s) at any time, anywhere there is an internet connection.

What types of data can be stored and used in Almagest?

A wide variety of files can be uploaded and viewed using Almagest, including most image, sound, video, and text file formats, including those created in proprietary software (i.e. Microsoft Office, Macromedia Shockwave, Adobe PDF applications). Text is stored in Unicode, and supports multiple languages.

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If you are looking for the login page of Almagest for Princeton University please set your bookmark to