Original Conception: Kirk Alexander, Ben Kessler, Toby Paff, Kevin Perry

First Courses:John Wilmerding(Art 219), Pat Brown (Art210), Michael Curschman (Med 201)

Code re-write to support multiple courses: Jay Lieske

Piero Interface: Brad Gianulis, Kevin Perry, Kirk Alexander

Faculty: Marilyn Aronberg Lavin

Database design by Peter Vince

Web Database Interface by Kirk Alexander

VRML Web Display by Kevin Perry and Kirk Alexander

Campus 3D Interface: Kevin Perry, Kirk Alexander

Research and data entry: Sara Bush, Janet Temos

The Nolli Project

Faculty sponsor and author: John A. Pinto

Research and content: Janet Temos

Interactive Map by Kevin Perry and Kirk Alexander

Image Display Tool by Kevin Perry

Flash Interface Design by Jill Moraca, Kirk Alexander, Kevin Perry, Arseniy Tomkevich, John Pinto, Janet Temos

Online Text document support by Rafael Alvarado and Kevin Perry

User Interface Enhancements

Original numeric Lecture Builder by Kevin Perry and Kirk Alexander

Javascript Lecture Builder by Rafael Alvarado

Drag and Drop Lecture Builder by Kelly Cole

Lecture export to Powerpoint by Gary Burns and Kevin Perry

Database Design and Development: Kevin Perry, Kirk Alexander, Gary Burns, Peter Vince

Documentation: Janet Temos, Kirk Alexander, Jill Moraca, Rafael Alvarado, Kelly Cole, Sorat Tungkasiri

Map Production: William Guthe