Contributors to Almagest Open Source image content (Thanks!)

We would very much like to thank Allan Kohl of Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Jeffery Cohen of Bryn Mawr College and Kathy Cohen of the California State University at San Jose for their support in the development of our open source database. The primary sites for their image collections can be found at:


Art Images for College Teaching. Art Images for College Teaching (AICT) is a personal, non-profit project of its author, art historian and visual resources curator Allan T. Kohl . AICT is intended primarily to disseminate images of art and architectural works in the public domain on a free-access, free-use basis to all levels of the educational community, as well as to the public at large. The images displayed on this site have been photographed on location by the author, who consents to their use in any application that is both educational and non-commercial in nature.


The Society of Architectural Historians is an international not-for-profit membership organization that promotes the study and preservation of the built environment worldwide. In 1996, an idea of image sharing on the Web was proposed and discussed. The idea would be for members to contribute their own slides of buildings, things they could volunteer for shared educational use. These images can be found at the SAH Image Exchange.

World Art Kiosk

The WorldArt image database allows you to search over 35,000 images from throughout the world. The site was created by Kathleen Cohen and other faculty, staff and students of the California State University.