Andrew Moravcsik


Professor of Politics and International Affairs
  and Director, European Union Program
Princeton University

E-mail: amoravcs@princeton.edu
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Department of Politics
Woodrow Wilson School
Robertson Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544 USA

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Book Reviews: Western Europe,” Foreign Affairs (September/October 2015).

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Ultimately, the Member States Decide: Interview with Andrew Moravcsik on the Scottish Referendum and European Union Politics,” Verfassungsblog - on Matters Constitutional (27 Sept 2014).

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Book Reviews: Western Europe,” Foreign Affairs (November/December 2012).

Book Reviews: Western Europe,” Foreign Affairs (September/October 2012).

Eurozone: Closer Fiscal Union,” CNN TV: Christiane Amanpour (26 June 2012).FA

Europe after the Crisis,” New York Times / International Herald-Tribune (23 April 2012).

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                For a .pdf version of the article, click here.

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"The Quiet Superpower," Global Europe (14 September 2009).

For a response and debate, click here.

"Recent Books: Western Europe," Foreign Affairs (September/October 2009).

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Yves Mény e Andrew Moravcsik discutono di democazia europea,” Il molino Summer 3 / 2009. [Yves Mény and Andrew Moravcsik debate European democracy ]

English Translation: "A Transatlantic Dialogue on Democracy and its Future," EUI Review (Summer 2009).

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"NATO and the European Union," Panel IV at NATO at 60 Symposium (Council on Foreign Relations, 26 February 2009).

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"Interview: Turkish Accession as Part of a Multi-Level Europe?" Republic (Athens, Greece, November 2008).

For a .pdf version of the interview, click here.

"What We Learned in China," Princeton Alumni Weekly (22 October 2008) (with Anne-Marie Slaughter).

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"Don't Know? Vote No!" Prospect (July 2008, London).Newsweek

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For a .pdf scan of the article as it appeared in Newsweek, click here.

For a Chinese translation, click here: 华府对中国军事现代化大呼“狼来了”

Translated into Chinese in Can Kao Xiao Xi (25 March 2008).

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For a .pdf scan of the article as it appeared in Newsweek, click here.

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For a .pdf scan of the article as it appeared in Prospect, click here.

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For a .pdf scan of the article as it appeared in Newsweek, click here.

Translated into Chinese in Can Kao Xiao Xi (22 October 2007).

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On Foreign Policy, plus ça change…,” International Herald-Tribune (18 April 2007).

For commentary on this article in Le monde, click here.

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[For author's exchange with readers, click here.]

Contribution to the Symposium, "The Big Question: Left and Right Defined the 20th Century. What's Next?" Prospect (London, April 2007).

Brüssel regiert nicht Deutschland,” Financial Times Deutschland (10 February 2007) (with Annette Elisabeth Töller). (For a MS Word version, click here.)

"No Power to the People," Newsweek (International edition, 5 February 2007).

What Can We Learn from the Collapse of the European Constitutional Project? A Symposium", Politische Vierteljahresschrift 47:2 (forthcoming 2006). Part of a forum with Fritz Scharpf, Michael Zuern, Wolfgang Wessels, and Andreas Maurer.

Responses by Pepper Culpepper and Archon Fung, James Fishkin, Mark Franklin, Paul Magnette, Giandomenico Majone, Jeremy Rabkin and Loukas Tsoukalis, and Moravcsik's "Response to Eight Critics."

French Translation: "Que faut-il retenir de l’effondrement du Projet Constitutionnel Européen?"

"Open the Doors," Newsweek (International edition, 2 October 2006).

For a .pdf scan of the article as it appeared in Newsweek, click here.

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For a response by Charles Kupchan, click here.

"Response to Charlie Kupchan," The Washington Note (10 June 2006).

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Italian: "Il futuro dell'Europa è nei «piccoli passi»" Corriere della Sera (Medcoledi, 8 febbraio).

Response: Kirsty Hughes, "The Debate about Europe's Future has Got to Make the Issue of Democracy Striking and Understandable," Financial Times (31 January 2006).

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Bulgarian Translation: “How to Fix Europe's Image Problem,” FP Bulgaria (June-July 2005)

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An Ocean Apart,” The American Prospect (March 2005).

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Letters from readers of "Dream on America" (forthcoming in Newsweek's "Mail Call," 14 March 2005, International edition).

For further commentary, see: Stephan Richter, "The Real Newsweek Scandal," The Globalist (20 May 2005).

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For an amusing criticism from a Eurosceptic website, click here.
And for their subsequent apology, click here.

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