cicadas invade
princeton university

They're Here! Witness the daily changes as nature herself is in awe of these marvelous creatures.

From what I see and hear you will find cicadas galore down Prospect Street and at 171 Broadmead. The upper old campus (Nassau Hall etc) is slowly being inundated, and they are running rampant down near New South and the dorms near the dinky.

Monday- May 17, 2004- they're just starting to make their way from the ground to the trees to shed their skins

Tuesday- May 18, 2004- More emergence as well as full fledged adults




Guest Photographer: Pete Everett

Wednesday- May 19, 2004- Where are all the cicadas you ask?

Some are biking it.....

Some are waiting for a bus or hanging out an a cannon......
Some are congregating on tasty leaves.....



Some are laying around dead.....ok, a lot are laying around dead....

And some are anxiously waiting in the tents for Reunion Weekend to start

And some are just enjoying being here at Princeton

Guest Photographer Kevin Perry

Thursday- May 20, 2004- Not much new to report today. The rain from yesterday seems to have slowed down activity. If you are near campus and are dying to see a bunch of adult cicadas but don't know where to look, find the McCormick Hall underpass on the west side of the building- it has hundreds of adults lounging about. Please submit pictures and mass sightings to be included on this site!

Friday- May 21, 2004- Finally I'm beginning to feel a little squirmy about cicadas- I've been fascinated so far, but today the tree next to Whig was full of cicadas- not so much on the tree itself- but crawling all over the ground near it- I didn't realize it until I got closer to the tree to take pictures and felt the crunching at my feet....ick! The overpass on the west side of McCormick is still a great place to see the first few stages. If only I could climb trees to see if females have started laying their eggs!! If anyone out there gets pictures of the egg laying stage please send them my way!

Even the littlest nature lovers are excited to see Brood X!

This is the base of the tree near Whig

Believe it or not- these guys are alive - but not for long if they stay on this door stoop!!!

Okay- I know this one is blurry- but it's the only one I have of an adult with his wings open....

The nice thing about these bugs is that they seem so oblivious to humans.
Their gradual emergence has made their invasion more of a
phenomenon to appreciate rather than an invasion of pests to fear.

Monday- May 24, 2004- I think last week was just the beginning- the next wave has emerged and is taking over. The noise you hear when you arrive on campus makes you think you forgot to turn off your car.

Bumping Uglies Holes!

They're here for Reunions This is one of their favorite trees
"Hey Baby! How's it hanging?" - "Bug Off Bozo!" "Might as well get some culture while I'm here"
I didn't know they like pine trees Brown bagging it
The trees near the train station are full
Hoping to catch mass Nassau Hall in the background

Wednesday- May 26, 2004- Sorry I haven't updated the site this week -I've been sick! Fortunately my neighbor, Lee Atwater, shared his pictures from May 26 with me (and he is a better photographer than I am! - Thanks Lee!

These guys started to mate before coming out of their shell! This one is hanging out near the tiger statues' manhood!
The holly trees are full of adults.
The light poles are full as well.
This last one I took - a bug landed on my son- had he known he would have freaked out- I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a shot before swatting it away. It gives you an idea of how big these bugs really are.

June 3, 2004 - Okay folks-someone sent me this silly one....


Tuesday June 8, 2004

The cicadas are still here- they aren't crawling out of the ground anymore- they are whooping it up with their loud noise and they fly around quite a bit now - in fact they've made a ninny out of me a few times as I try to snap a picture and I run away screaming as they fly at me!


I did manage to record sound as I put my camera on video mode. The video is horrendous- not really showing anything- but turn up your volume and you'll hear the noise that we have to deal with- it gets very loud on hot sunny days. Click here to view the video.


I tried to get some pictures of them flying.


There are a lot just waiting to get their picture taken

This one landed outside my office window and croaked out a tune!

More mating (Get a room!!)

Here are some that either just landed or were getting ready to take off- I ended up screaming and running away from this photo shoot.

Friday- June 11, 2004 - They are still here making a racket- though today is an overcast chilly day- they like the warm sunny days batter. If you still haven't seen them you probably don't have much time before they disappear - so come on over to Princeton!!

Here's one sent to me by Mark Aanonsen- Thanks Mark!


Want to find cicadas at Princeton? Just follow the noise!

Planning a visit? Here is a map!.

Thanks to Cicada Mania for linking to this site!


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Monday- June 28, 2004

THEY ARE GONE! Last week I was still seeing one or two a day, could still hear their hum a little, saw dead cicada carcases - today I saw no sign that they had ever even been here. So long cicadas- see you in 17 years!!!


All photos by Julie Angarone except where otherwise specificed.
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