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Thank you for visiting the Princeton University Anime Club Homepage. This page served as a bulletin for events and links for the 1996-97 Anime Club. The club was maintained primarily through the efforts of Alan Newberger '98, but he was unable to continue leading the club his senior year, and now he has graduated and moved on to the real world...

Do you like Anime? Want to start a club? Are you a Princeton student? Then head on over the the Dept. of Student Life and tell them you're there to f-ck sh-t up in the name of the Princeton Anime Club!

Some past events:

AKIRA: 8:00 pm Friday 10/11/96 at McCosh 66.

3/1/96 : The first meeting of the year, with a showing of the film Wings of Honneamise.

4/5/96 : A showing of Ninja Scroll and the first two episodes of Orguss 02 in the basement of Chancellor Green.

4/13/96 : An informal trip to see Ghost in the Shell at a showing in New York.

4/19/96 : A showing of the third and fourth episodes of Orguss 02 and a marathon showing of all four episodes of Macross Plus, including the recently released fourth and final episode.

5/10/96 : A showing of the final two episodes of Orguss 02 and The Fuma Conspiracy. 9/10/96 : Our first meeting of the 1996-97 year, with a showing of "Ghost in the Shell."

9/27/96 : Informational/organizational meeting.

10/11/96 : A showing of the first episode of "Giant Robo" and our FEATURE presentation of the anime classic "AKIRA" at 8:00 pm. in McCosh 66.

The following are links to good central anime sites:

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