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You can reach us by e-mailing or by contacting any of the elected PAC board members listed below

Co-President - Thinh Vu -

Thinh is an anthropology major who never once had stepped on the stage before entering the gates of Princeton University. Since that first taste, he has danced and choreographed for four companies. With a trigger-happy curiosity and penchant for handwritten letters, he can be found with a cup of steaming tea in the bustle of Frist.

Co-President - Risa Reid -

Risa is very excited and honored to join the PAC Board this year. A dedicated member to the arts since she was a little girl, she looks forward to working with the Princeton community to ensure that the arts continue to thrive on campus! "We know that all the arts are brothers, that each of them illuminates another, and that a universal light results."-Voltaire

Vice President - Adam Hyndman -

Adam is a senior in the Anthropology Department with a certificate in Theater. He dances with Disiac Dance Company and sings with The Footnotes, of which he serves as President.

Secretary - Pritha Dasgupta -

There is nothing in my life to which I am more grateful than to dance. It has given me love, joy, inspiration, courage and so much more. Dance is my savior.

Facilities Manager - Julie Nkodo -

Hey everyone! :) I'm Julie Nkodo, class of 2012, Facilities Manager of PAC. I'm a History major studying African Studies and in my spare time I love to dance. Yay BAC & Highsteppers!!! The performing arts, in all of their forms, are such a huge part of campus life at Princeton and I'm very excited and grateful to be a part of that community.

Special Projects - Xiaoyang Long -

Xiaoyang is a senior in the physics department and serves as co-president of Princeton Chinese Theatre. She has directed two plays and is in love with the moment when house lights go out, and the stage brightens.

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