Established in February 1999, the Performing Arts Council was originally an ad hoc committee to address certain issues regarding performance space and performing arts funding at Princeton University. Today, the Performing Arts Council has expanded to include numerous student theater and dance groups. The Performing Arts Council serves as a forum for theater and dance groups to discuss issues that are common to all performing arts groups, such as rehearsal space, performance dates, advertising, human and physical resources, working with various University offices, and other logistical and artistic concerns. In addition, PAC has often led efforts to improve the University's stance toward the performing arts. PAC has written letters to the trustees, provost, president, vice-presidents, and the administration as a whole in many issues which concerned all of its members. Such issues include the lack of performance, rehearsal, and storage space on campus and the building of the Frist and Berlind Theaters.

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Website Launch

Welcome to PPAC's new website! The layout has changed, but in the coming weeks you will see us adding resources and information for the benefit of all campus performing groups.
Contact us at ppac@princeton.edu