Member Groups

The Princeton Performing Arts council is proud to present a list of its members.

Ballet Folklórico de Princeton -

Ballet Folklórico de Princeton is a student organization dedicated to performing the traditional folk dances of México. Founded in 1991, Ballet Folklórico seeks to enrich the Princeton community by spreading an appreciation for México's folk dancing heritage. The group accepts people of all backgrounds and dance experience. The one thing that ties every member together is the love of dance and the desire to display a very important aspect of Mexican culture through dance

Black Arts Company - Dance -

BAC: Dance was founded in 1990 and is currently Princeton's hottest (and only) Hip-Hop dance company. BAC uses history, tradition, and dance forms from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, while blending them with modern, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop dance styles. Dance is BAC's unique way of fusing hip-hop with many other forms of dance for a new generation. BAC is open to all students regardless of race or gender, and no experience is necessary.

Black Arts Company - Drama -

The Black Arts Company: Drama (BAC Drama) is a student-managed theatre experience dedicated to celebrating and exploring the cultural experiences of people from the African Diaspora through performance. No matter where African people have been transplanted across the globe, they have taken with them their stories, songs, dances, and spirits. Our company primarily seeks to present to the greater Princeton community a rich and transformative tapestry of African-American, pan-African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Latino life experiences by producing plays written by people of color from the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, and the mother continent of Africa. Black or not BAC: Drama has a place for you!

BodyHype -

BodyHype Dance Company is a selective, student-run company recognized for its innovative choreography as well as an intimate connection with its audience. A close-knit family both in- and outside of the studio, BodyHype values versatile and engaging dancers and we challenge all of our members to choreograph and perform in diverse styles.

diSiac -

Founded in 1998, diSiac Dance Company has grown to become one of the most widely respected and acclaimed groups on campus at Princeton University. We strive to push the limits of performance and movement beyond categorization-whether it be contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical or modern. diSiac is the only student rundance company at Princeton that has the honor of performing in the professional Berlind Theatre. Our bi-annual shows aim to achieve exceptional creativity through a variety of styles. Our diSi-fans, drawn in by the entertainment that our shows promise, consistently fill our large venues. diSiac is proud of our dancers who come from a variety of backgrounds, from having no previous dance experience to professional level training such as ABT, Joffrey, Julliard and Alvin Ailey. Our dancers also engage in a wide range of campus activities including varsity athletics, community service and other performing arts. diSiac wholeheartedly supports our several diSi-alumni who now dance professionally. Most importantly, it is our family mentality that makes diSiac a remarkable experience.

eXpressions -

Founded in 1970, eXpressions Dance Company is Princeton's original student-run dance group. We have established a university-wide reputation for high-quality and energetic performances. eXpressions girls are known for their extensive dance training at a number of local and international schools, including ABT and San Francisco Ballet. Since every company member has the opportunity to choreograph, performances are entirely student-created and tend to feature a wide variety of dance styles, ranging from hip-hop to ballet, jazz to modern, with everything in between. We also work closely with other groups on campus, recently expanding our repertoire to include Indian dance and break dancing by performing in collaborative pieces with Naacho and Sympoh. Always committed to entertaining audiences and giving back to the community, eXpressions offers an intimate environment for dancers seeking the perfect balance between performing and having fun.

Fuzzy Dice -

Fuzzy Dice Improv formed in 2004 to push the limits of improvisational comedy at Princeton. Although we always perform the short form improv games you know and love, we specialize in long form games, in which a story with character and plot development is created and told on the spot in about a half an hour. Fuzzy Dice would like to invite anyone who enjoys being laughed at to audition, and anyone who enjoys laughing to check out our shows held in some of Princeton's most historic performance spaces, like Theater Intime, Cafe Viv, and the Woody Woo Fountain.

Kalaa -

Kalaa was founded in 2002 as Princeton's classical Indian dance troupe. Kalaa is the Sanskrit word for "art." The troupe has an annual show in December and numerous guest performances throughout the year. Our shows feature original Bharata Natyam choreography to music ranging from Sudha Ragunathan to Aphex Twin. We are open to new members who have trained in any style of classical Indian dance. We also hold free classes on campus for those interested.

Legend Dragon Dance Company -

Legend Dragon Blurb.

Lion Dance Company

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Naacho -

Naacho, Princeton's first Indian Dance Troupe, performs a mix of Indian dance styles, Bhangra, classical, folk, Bollywood, and fusion at its annual Spring show and various other campus events. We encourage all undergraduates interested, regardless of ethnicity or experience, to participate.

Princeton Chinese Theatre -

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Princeton HighSteppers -

The Princeton University Highsteppers was founded in 2003 when a group of students wanted to bring the African American tradition of stepping to Princeton's campus. They composed their routines without music and mesmerized audiences solely through the rhythm of their feet and hands. As these steppers focus on the ability to hear and translate rhythms, everywhere they step is the spot, cuz they make it hot!

Princeton Juggling Club -

We are the official juggling club of Princeton University. We are open to community members as well as students. Our meetings are once a week to simply hang out and have some fun juggling. Anyone is welcome, regardless of skill level. Our members represent a wide range of juggling skill, from beginners, to some who have been juggling for years. Our meetings are great to unwind, practice, or pick up new tricks.

Princeton Opera Company

Princeton Opera Company (POCO) is Princeton University's only student-run organization dedicated to performing and sharing opera to the Princeton community. The company runs master classes, aria concerts, opera scenes concerts, and fully staged operas every year. For more information contact co-president and co-founder Katie Dubbs at

Princeton Shakespeare Company -

Prineton Shakespeare Company is a student-run theatre company dedicated to performing and producing works of the Bard and his contemporaries, as well as modern works that respond to original the Shakespearean texts.

Princeton South Asian Theatrics -

PSAT is the nation's first and oldest South Asian college theater group. Our comedic plays are based on the shared experiences of South Asians growing up in the USA. Recent plays have tackled issues such as intercultural relationships, racism, and the stereotypical Asian grade-obsessed mentality - all through the lens of humor. If you enjoy overdone Indian accents and general hilarity, come out and audition!

Princeton Triangle Club -

Princeton University Triangle Club is the oldest collegiate musical comedy troupe in the nation (117 year tradition), and the only college group that creates an original, student-written musical each year that is presented on a national tour. Notable alumni include F. Scott Fitzgerald '17, James Stewart '32, David E Kelley '79 and Brooke Shields '87. Triangle is famous for its all-male drag kickline and presents its original show each fall at the McCarter Theater.

Princeton University Ballet -

PUB is Princeton's premiere ballet company, which made its campus debut at Tiger night 2008! Our talented dancers have performed with numerous professional ballet companies across the country and have trained with ABT, SAB, Miami City Ballet, Washington Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Boston Ballet, Kirov Academy, American Repertory Ballet, New Haven Ballet, New Jersey Ballet, Chicago Ballet, and the Juilliard School, to name a few. After a successful first year, we are looking forward to further expanding the presence of contemporary and classical ballet on campus, sharing with the community the artistry and athleticism that is ballet. With only one year under our belts, we have attracted numerous professional guest artists to teach master classes and set choreography on the Company. We also welcome gifted student choreographers. "PUB" is a three part organization, consisting of a performing company, a "school," and an arts society. There is a place in PUB for every member of the University community, from the highly trained classical ballet dancer, to the contemporary choreographer, to the occasional ballet-goer, to the complete ballet neophyte!

Princeton University Bhangra -

Princeton Bhangra is a competitive dance team that performs bhangra, a high-energy folk dance originating from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Our primary goal is to represent Princeton at bhangra competitions across the United States and Canada. In doing so, we hope to spread the word about bhangra on campus and throughout the Princeton community.

Princeton University Players -

As an entirely student-run musical theatre organization, PUP allows students the opportunity to take part in all aspects of production, including direction, design, theatre management, and of course performing. Last year, PUP's shows were produced with the combined effort of over 100 actors, technicians, designers, and musicians. You can participate in a show as much or as little as you want!

PURE (Princeton University Rock Ensemble) -

PURE is Princeton's first official rock group! We are a completely student-run organization, made up of multiple guitarists, singers, drummers, bassists, pianists, and even a small orchestra. Founded in 2009, PURE continues to bring everybody's favorite rock music to the campus, and our evolving repertoire ranges from the classics (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Boston) to more modern music (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Black Keys). All types of musicians are welcome to audition!

Quipfire! Improv Comedy -

Quipfire! is Princeton's oldest improv comedy group, made up of witty students not afraid to get on stage without a clue as to what they're about to do. Five sets of shows a year feature a series of improv games, where Quipfire! takes suggestions from the audience to inspire its scenes.

Raks Odalisque -

Raks Odalisque is Princeton University's Middle Eastern dance troupe. Raks began in 2000. The troupe explores various types of belly dance such as cabaret, gypsy, Egyptian, tribal, and Turkish, sometimes fused with hip hop and other dance forms. Most of the members of Raks Odalisque have no prior Middle Eastern dance experience.

Sympoh -

Sympoh is Princeton University's breakdancing crew, established in 1999. We welcome anyone who wants to learn how to dance hip-hop, breakdance, pop, lock, or flip.

TapCats -

TapCats is Princeton's first and only tap dancing company! We cater to all different levels, therefore no auditions are necessary. Our goal is to have fun while learning from each other through technique classes, rehearsals, guest performances, and our yearly show in January. Please send us an email or come to our Open House.

Theatre Intime -

Theatre Intime, a Princeton mainstay since 1920, is the only theater on campus run entirely by students. Producing 11 shows each year, Theatre Intime offers many opportunities in all areas of theatrical production.

Triple 8

Triple 8 Dance Company is Princeton University's East Asian dance troupe. We are an ensemble of dedicated students who are unified in the belief that the power of dance can help promote a cross-cultural dialogue between the Princeton student body and the Asian American community. Triple 8 offers you the opportunity to experience the diversity of Asian culture, from Korean and Cantonese hip-hop and Chinese fan and handkerchief, to Malaysian palm-chanting and even martial arts stunt training. Our namesake "888", following the traditions of East Asia, represents a triple promise of luck and prosperity.

Wym'onStage -

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