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Judith E. Fan
Department of Psychology

Su'ad Abdul Khabeer
Cultural Production and Ethnography

Emily Abruzzo
Culture and Urban Environment

Maxwell Anderson
Autonomy vs. Accountability in Art Museums

Newton Armstrong
Technology and Musical Composition

Kim Babon
Cultural Conflict in Public Art

Yael Berda
Urban Graffiti and Policymaking

Micaela Baranello
Musical Repertoire and Cultural Significance

Betsey Biggs
Public Art and Interactive Sound

Meredith Bostwick
Architecture and Campus Planning

Tammy Brown
Culture and Activism

Charity Chan
Alternative Copyright and Distribution in Experimental Music

Seth Cluett
Loudspeaker as Political Apparatus

Laura Clawson
Community, Religion and Cultural Authenticity

Ted Coffey
Artistic Transmission

Mike Danielson
Culture and Urban Development

Jeffrey Edelstein
Philanthropy and the Arts

Liz Engelman
Theatre and Innovation

Christopher Eric Garces
Cultural History, Religion, Museum Display

Amir Goldberg
Cultural Products and Social Networking

Gina Greene
Cultural Policy and Architectural History

Carolyn Guile
Cultural Property Protection

Margo Handwerker
Cultural Centers and Communities in the Netherlands

Eszter Hargittai
Technology, Communications and Culture

Steven Holochwost
Cultural Policy and New Music Composition

John Holzwarth
Cultural Pluralism and Arts Funding

Branden Hookway
Office Landscaping and Architectural Theory in the 1970s

Hannah R. Johnson
Publishing and Popular History

Michael Kammen
Cultural Contestation in American History

Peter Kuras
Cultural Discrimination and Comparative Media

Hilary Levey
Social and Cultural Change

Malinda Lindquist
Cultural Policy, Race, and Society

D. Michael Lindsay
Elites and Cultural Policy

Kelly McGannon
Protection of Cultural Heritage During Armed Conflict

Maria McMath
Race, Cultural Production, and Consumption

G. Cristina Mora
Cultural Life and Race/Ethnicity

Ann Morning
Race and Text Books

Clara Oberle
Cultural Policy and Urban Space Distribution

Sarah Paden
The Decline of Great Opera Singers in "Heavy" Repertoire

Ronny Regev
Labor History and Popular Culture

David Reinecke
Network Formation in Artistic Genres

Thierry Rigogne
Publishing, Bureaucracy and Cultural Policy

Ziggy Rivkin-Fish
Community Cultural Planning

Hollis Robbins
Literature and Bureaucracy

Gabriel Rossman
Cultural Production, Mass Media

Nadav Samin
Cultural Policies in the Middle East

Nadezhda Savova
Cultural Policy, Community Arts in Cuba and Brazil

Allison Youatt Schnable
Religion and Arts Organizations

Saul Schwartz
Language Advocacy and Cultural Policy

Alan Shockley
New Music and the Symphony Orchestra

Paul Starr
Communications and Culture

James Steichen
Performing Arts Participation

Brian Steensland
Cultural Conflict and the Media

Van Stiefel
Artistic Collaboration

David Stevens
Music and Politics

Elizabeth Strom
Culture and Urban Development

Andras Szanto
News Media and the Arts

Meredith TenHoor
Cultural Institutions and Commerce

Edward Tenner 
Publishing and New Technology

Adedoyin Teriba
Architecture, Religious History, and Cultural Policy

Craig Upright
Arts Participation

Tamsen Wolff
Theatre and Innovation

Mariah Zeisberg
Museums and Representation

Yue Zhang
Cultural Policy and Urban Preservation

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