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Seven Mellon fellows receive grants

CPANDA launched

- Princeton Center receives grant to create national data archive for policy and the arts
- Princeton Center receives grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to advance research on cultural conflict in the contemporary United States.

In the News…

"Arts coverage need not be elitist, panel says."  Arizona Republic, October 17, 2003. With Steven Tepper.
"Campus grapples with controversial presentations." Princeton Alumni Weekly, 2 July 2003, pp. 14-15. With Stanley Katz
"Sleep? Play Golf? Pay Your Utility Bill Late? You May Be a Patron of the Arts." The Wall Street Journal 11 June 2003. Interview with Steven Tepper.
"Funding for the Arts in New Jersey: An Interview with Steven Tepper"
By Salmon Salzman. US 1 Newspaper 20 March 2003.
- "The Pathbreaking, Fractionalized, Uncertain World of Knowledge," by Stanley Katz, Chronicle of Higher Education, 20 September 2002.
- "Policy Can Help Arts" by Steven Tepper, New York Times, Letter to the Editor, August 1999.
- "A Conversation with Stanley N. Katz," The National Arts Stabilization Journal, Summer 1999.
- "Studying Humanities in Higher Education," by Ron Southwick, Trenton Times, July 1999.
- "Center focuses on arts, cultural policy: Cross-disciplinary group helps train graduate students, produce resources for research," by Caroline Moseley, Princeton Weekly Bulletin, June 7, 1999.
- "Bland Art in Every Pot," by Daniel Grant, The Nation, November 29, 1999. Article draws heavily on an interview with Steven Tepper and on working paper #8.
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