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Research on Artists:
A Working Conference at Princeton University

May 24-25, 2000

The purpose of this meeting, co-sponsored by the Princeton University Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies, Columbia University Research Center for Arts and Culture and the National Endowment for the Arts, was three fold. First, the meeting was designed to improve methodologies for studying artists by drawing on the work of scholars who have addressed comparable issues in other fields, especially the development of techniques for creating statistically reliable samples of unknown populations. A second purpose was to provide an opportunity for sustained discussion of matters of mutual concern among some of the world's leading scholars in the field of empirical studies of artists. The third goal, which flows from the others, was to assist in the production of several resources for the field including an annotated directory of studies of artists; a report, based on the conference proceedings, on the state of research on artists; and a special issue of the journal Poetics: Empirical Research on Culture, Media and the Arts devoted to research on artist.

The meeting included the following talks and panels:

  • Response Driven Sampling as a Means of Sampling Unknown Populations: Lessons from Research on Stigmatized Populations
  • Identifying Dispersed Populations with Rare Attributes: Lessons from Medical Research
  • Hypernetwork Sampling
  • Research on Artists Using National Statistics
  • Studying Artists' Labor Markets: Lessons from Research on Comparable Occupational Communities
  • Methods for Studying Artists through Communities and Organizations


The Directory of Studies of Artist has been published as a Center working paper. To download a full report of the conference proceedings click here for the html version, and here for the pdf version.


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