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New and Noteworthy

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes Princeton Center receives grant to create national data archive for policy and the arts

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes Princeton Center receives grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to advance research on cultural conflict in the contemporary United States.

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes Research on Artists: A Working Conference at Princeton University, May 24-25, 2000.

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes Resources for Research…

Studies of Artists: An Annotated Directory

Prototype coding sheet for studying community conflict over the arts

Inventory and Review of Survey Data on North Americans' Participation in and Attitudes Towards the Arts (Including a Data Set by Variable Matrix)

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes Recent working papers…

Working Paper #18. "Don't Confuse a Tool with a Goal: Making Information Technology Serve Higher Education, Rather Than the Other Way Around" by Stanley Katz.

Working Paper #17. "Social Implications of the Internet" by Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, W. Russell Neuman, and John P. Robinson

Working Paper #16. "The Role of Religion in Public Conflicts over the Arts in the Philadelphia Area, 1965-1997" by Paul DiMaggio, Wendy Cadge, Lynn Robinson, and Brian Steensland.

Working Paper #15. "From the 'Digital Divide' to 'Digital Inequality': Studying Internet Use As Penetration Increases" by Paul DiMaggio and Eszter Hargittai.

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes Recent Conferences and Events...

Cultural Dynamics Conference at Princeton University, March 30-31, 2001.

Orangeba.gif - 512 Bytes In the News…

"Policy Can Help Arts" by Steven Tepper, New York Times, Letter to the Editor, August 1999.

"A Conversation with Stanley N. Katz," The National Arts Stabilization Journal, Summer 1999.

"Studying Humanities in Higher Education," by Ron Southwick, Trenton Times, July 1999.

"Center focuses on arts, cultural policy: Cross-disciplinary group helps train graduate students, produce resources for research," by Caroline Moseley, Princeton Weekly Bulletin.