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New Technology, Book Publishing and the Relationship between Authors and Readers

Ed Tenner, Independent Scholar and Center Affiliate

Ed Tenner’s current research focuses on the relationship between technology, publishing, authors and readers. He is particularly interested in the role of technology as well as education in the expansion of book titles, the population (size and diversity) of authors, and how desktop publishing and electronic marketing has given new life to the small-press scene, and how, in turn, production of these presses helps dilute the market.

He is also working on a related book project that examines positive or beneficial “unintended consequences” that derive from the introduction of new technologies, with special attention to creative professionals from artists and writers to scientists and engineers.

Edward Tenner, is author of Our Own Devices: The Past and Future of Body Technology (2003); and Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences (1996).

For more on these projects and others, please visit his Web site at

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