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What motivates Kansas City residents to participate in arts and culture?

About this Quick Fact

According to the Cultural Participation Survey 1998, Kansas City residents who attended at least one arts or cultural event in the prior year did so primarily for social or civic reasons, such as getting together with family and friends ("a lot of the reason" -- 62%) or supporting a community organization (44%). Only 11% of Kansas City residents felt that getting together with family and friends had no influence on their cultural participation, and 17% were not influenced by the desire to support a community organization.

Other possible reasons for attendance, such as celebrating their cultural heritage or learning about an art form were not as substantial an influence for local residents. Less than a quarter of Kansas City residents said that celebrating their cultural heritage was a main reason for the arts and cultural participation, while 47% said it was none of the reason. Learning about the art form was a primary reason for arts attendance of 31% of local residents, but it did not influence participation at all for another 30% of the people.

Graph: What motivated Kansas City residents to attend arts and cultural events? (Source: Cultural Particiapation Survey 1998)

Question wording

After being asked a series of questions about their arts and cultural participation in the prior year, respondents were asked:

People have lots of different reasons for attending or being involved in cultural activities. We'd like to know why you did the things you did in the past year. For each statement I read, please tell me whether it explains your involvement: a lot, a little, or not at all?

  • You wanted to learn about or celebrate your cultural heritage.
  • You wanted to support organizations or events that are important in your community.
  • You wanted to learn something about another time or culture.
  • You wanted to learn more about a particular form of art or cultural expression.
  • You wanted to support a friend or family member who was involved.
  • You wanted to experience the high quality of the art.
  • You wanted to attend or participate in a religious service, ceremony, or ritual.
  • You wanted to get together with friends or family for social reasons.

Continue exploring this Quick Fact by comparing the motivations for cultural participation in Kansas City with the motivations in other US communities. Answers can be attained with a quick analysis of the data from the Cultural Participation Survey 1998.


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