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What motivates Kansas City residents to participate in arts and culture?

About this Quick Fact

Sources of Data

Cultural Participation Survey 1998

This information in this Quick Fact is drawn from the Kansas City sample of the Cultural Participation Survey 1998, conducted by the Urban Institute with support from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds. The Cultural Participation Survey measured leisure time activities, organizational involvement attendance at arts and culture events, and personal participation in arts and cultural activities by individuals in five US communities.

The five communities included in the Cultural Participation Survey are: the Kansas City metropolitan area; Humboldt County, California; and the three Silicon Valley area communities of Mayfair, Milpitas, and Gilroy, California. Community foundations in these areas had been granted funds as part of the Wallace Foundation's Community Partnerships for Cultural Participation initiative to "broaden, deepen, and diversify" local cultural participation.

Kansas City Sample

The Kansas City Metropolitan Area, as defined by this study, includes 1.4 million residents of five counties in Missouri and Kansas. This area resembles the rest of the country in its mixture of urban and suburban, rich and poor, and crowded and sparsely populated sections. More than four out of five residents are white; most of the rest are African American and, increasingly, Hispanic.


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