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Working Paper Series

The Princeton University Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies periodically publishes working papers that highlight the findings of its research. Below is a list of working papers. For an abstract or full pdf version of the research click on the appropriate report of interest.

Our Ancestors, Our Heroes: Saudi Tribal Campaigns to Suppress Historical Docudramas
Working Paper #49, Summer 2012
Nadav Samin

Spirit in the Flesh: Physical Engagement and the Creation of Meaning
Working Paper #48, Fall 2012
Anne K. Hege

The Birth of the Auteur – How the Studio Production Process Kept the Director both in and Under Control
Working Paper #47, Spring 2012
Ronny Regev

The Stories of Serenade: Nonprofit History and George Balanchine's "First Ballet in America"
Working Paper #46, Spring 2012
James Steichen

Nature, Architecture, National Regeneration: The Airing Out of French Youth in Open-Air Schools 1918-1939
Working Paper #45, Fall 2011
Gina Greene

From the Pulps to the Stars: The Making of the American Science Fiction Magazine, 1923-1973
Working Paper #44, Fall 2011
David Reinecke

Singing the gospel: Using musical practices to build religious and racial communities
Working Paper # 43, Summer 2011 published in Poetics, Volume 40, Issue 3
June 2012, Pages 278–298
Allison Schnable

Gender and Highbrow Cultural Participation in the United States
Working Paper #42, Fall 2010
Angèle Christin

Acoustic Projection and the Politics of Sound
Working Paper #41, Summer 2010
Seth Cluett

Omnivores Versus Snobs? Musical Tastes in the United States and France
Working Paper #40, Summer 2010
Angèle Christin

Rules of Engagement: Architecture Theory and the Social Sciences in Frank Duffy’s 1974 Thesis on Office Planning
Working Paper #39, Summer 2009
Branden Hookway

Heritage Kinaesthetics: Local Constructivism of UNESCO’s Intangible-Tangible Politics at a Favela Museum
Working Paper #38, Spring 2009
Nadezhda Savova

The Diffusion of Foreign Cultural Products: The Case Analysis of Japanese Comics (Manga) Market in the U.S.
Working Paper #37, Spring 2009
Takeshi Matsui

Like It Was a Movie: Cinematic Listening as Public Art
Working Paper #36, Fall 2008
Betsey Biggs

Moving Immovables: How Culinary and Performative Kinesthetics Choreograph Space in Cuba and Brazil
Working Paper #35, Fall 2007
Nadezhda Savova

A New Framing? Constitutional Representation at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center
Working Paper #34, Fall 2007
Mariah Zeisberg
Published online by Cambridge University Press: Perspectives on Politics, Volume 6, Issue 03, Sep 2008, pp 553-568

Arts Participation as Cultural Capital in the United States, 1982-2002: Signs of Decline?
Working Paper #33, Spring 2004
Paul DiMaggio and Toqir Mukhtar
A version of this paper can be found in Poetics, Volume 32, Issue 2, 169-194, April 2004). The paper is available online at

Social Capital and Cultural Participation: Spousal Influences on Attendance at Arts Events
Working Paper #32, Winter 2003
Craig Barton Upright

Information Inequality and Network Externalities: A Comparative Study of the Diffusion of Television and the Internet
Working Paper #31, Fall 2003
Paul DiMaggio and Joseph Cohen

Nonprofit Organizations and the Intersectoral Division of Labor in the Arts
Working Paper #30, Fall 2003
Paul DiMaggio

From Unequal Access to Differentiated Use:  A Literature Review and Agenda for Research on Digital Inequality
Working Paper #29, Fall 2003
Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, Coral Celeste, and Steven Shafer

The Measure of Meetings: Forums, Deliberation, and Cultural Policy
Working Paper #28, Fall 2003
Steven J. Tepper

The Influence of Ownership on the Valence of Media Content: The Case of Movie Reviews
Working Paper #27, Fall 2011 (Updated November 2011)
Gabriel Rossman

Who Killed the Travelin' Soldier: Elites, Masses, and Blacklisting of Critical Speakers
Working Paper #26, Spring 2003
Gabriel Rossman

Race by the Book: Depiction of Human Difference in U.S. High School Curricula
Working Paper #25, Spring 2003
Ann Morning

Have Americans' Attitudes Become More Polarized?—an Update
Working Paper #24, Spring 2003
John Evans

Culture, Conflict and Community: Rituals of Protest or Flairs of Competition
Working Paper #23, Spring 2003
Steven Tepper

A Study of the Choreographer/Composer Collaboration
Working Paper #22, Fall 2002
Van Stiefel

Creative Assets and the Changing Economy
Working Paper #21, Fall 2002
Steven Tepper
(also published in the Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, 32 (2), 2002).

How the Arts Impact Communities: An Introduction to the Literature on Arts Impact Studies
Working Paper #20, Spring 2002
Joshua Guetzkow, Princeton University

Digital Technology and Cultural Policy
Working Paper #19, Summer 2001
Kieran Healy, University of Arizona

Don't Confuse a Tool with a Goal: Making Information Technology Serve Higher Education, Rather Than the Other Way Around
Working Paper #18, Summer 2001
Stanley N. Katz

Social Implications of the Internet
Working Paper #17, Summer 2001
Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, W. Russell Neuman, and John P. Robinson

The Role of Religion in Public Conflicts over the Arts in the Philadelphia Area, 1965-1997
Working Paper #16, Summer 2000
Paul DiMaggio, Wendy Cadge, Lynn Robinson and Brian Steensland
(published in Crossroads: Art and Religion in American Life, edited by Alberta Arthurs and Glenn Wallach, 2001, New York: The New Press)

From the ‘Digital Divide' to `Digital Inequality': Studying Internet Use As Penetration Increases
Working Paper #15, Summer 2001
Paul DiMaggio and Eszter Hargittai

American Identity and Public Opinion: How What it Means to be an American Influences Language Policy Preferences
Working Paper #14, Summer 2000
Deborah Schildkraut

Zeus in Exile: Archaeological Restitution as Politics of Memory
Working Paper #13, Summer 2000
Can Bilsel

Studies of Artists: An Annotated Directory
Working Paper #12, Summer 2000
Donnell Butler, with foreword by Paul DiMaggio

Public Attitudes Towards Cultural Authority and Cultural Diversity in Higher
Education and the Arts
Working Paper #11, Spring 2000
Paul DiMaggio and Bethany Bryson

Open Portals or Closed Gates? Channeling Content on the World Wide Web
Working Paper # 10, 1999
Eszter Hargittai

Sustaining the Public Good Vision of the Internet: The Politics of Search Engines
Working Paper #9, 1999
Lucas Introna and Helen Nissenbaum

Unfamiliar Objects in Familiar Spaces: The Public Response to Art-in-Architecture
Working Paper #8, 1999
Steven J. Tepper

Public Opinion and Political Vulnerability: Why Has the National Endowment for the Arts Been Such an Attractive Target?
Working Paper #7, 1999
Paul DiMaggio and Becky Pettit

Why Do Women Read More Fiction?
Working Paper #6, 1998
Steven J. Tepper
A version of this paper can be found in Poetics, Volume 27, Issue 4, 233-299 (May 2000). The paper is available online at

Public Sentiments Towards the Arts: A Critical Reanalysis of 13 Opinion Surveys
Working Paper #5, 1998
Becky Pettit & Paul DiMaggio

Making Sense of the Numbers: Estimating Arts Participation in America
Working Paper #4, 1998
Steven J. Tepper

Comparing Sample Frames for Research on Arts Organizations: Results of a Study in Three Metropolitan Areas
Working Paper #3, 1996
Deborah Kaple, Ziggy Rivkin-Fish, Hugh Louch, Lori Morris, & Paul DiMaggio
Reprints can be reordered directly from the Journal of Arts Management:

Resources for Studying Public Participation in the Arts: Inventory and Review of Available Survey Data on North Americans' Participation in and Attitudes Towards the Arts
Working Paper #2, 1997
Becky Pettit with a forward by Paul DiMaggio
Poetics, Volume 27, Issues 5-6, June 2000, Pages 351-395:

Data on Arts Organizations: A Review and Needs Assessment, with Design Implications
Working Paper #1, 1996
Deborah A. Kaple, Lori Morris, Ziggy Rivkin-Fish, & Paul DiMaggio

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