I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University working in the Complex Fluids Group under the supervision of H.A. Stone.

My research addresses various problems of fluid mechanics in general, including interfacial tension effects, granular flow and suspensions, microfluidics and soft matter or geophysical fluid dynamics.

It generally involves a combination of experiments, analytical modelling and numerical simulations.

Collaborators and advisors (past & present)

Jonathan M. Aurnou (UCLA, USA)
Neil Balmforth (UBC, Canada) Advisor Summer Program GFD
François Boulogne (Princeton University)
David Cébron (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Colm Caulfield (DAMPT, Cambridge, UK) Advisor Summer Program GFD
Emilie Dressaire (Trinity College)
Camille Duprat (LadHyx, France)
Olivier Kimmoun (IRPHE, France)
Romain Lagrange (MIT, USA)
Michael Le Bars (IRPHE, France) PhD co-advisor
Stéphane Le Dizès (IRPHE, France) PhD advisor
Patrice Le Gal (IRPHE, France)
Jim McElwaine (Durham University, UK)
Cyprien Morize (FAST, France)
Jérome Noir (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Anderson H.C. Shum (Hong Kong University)
Yang Song (Hong Kong University)
Howard A. Stone (Princeton, USA) Postdoctoral advisor
Sylvain Viroulet (IRPHE, France)
David A. Weitz (Harvard, USA) MSc advisor