Name: Seung Nam '12

I’m a Korean born in Hong Kong who currently lives in Vancouver and holds a Canadian passport.  Just as that sounds, I’m an international kid who has always been moving from country to country; a global kid, for I don’t seem to have a set nationality.

When I first saw Princeton’s dance crews, I was pretty displeased because all the guys seemed to be doing amazing ballet but avoiding hip-hop.  So when BAC walked onto stage and danced raw hip-hop, I knew which group I wanted to join.  My friends weren’t that helpful, pointing out obvious things like, “You know, you’re Asian… and they’re… not.”  But I ignored them and auditioned, got accepted, and don’t regret it at all.

My style is freestyle street dance; I had never before danced choreo that someone else created until BAC.  I am a bboy (which is what some people incorrectly call a “breakdancer”, but the difference isn’t that important…), a popper, a raver (stringing included), and a general hip-hop dancer, but I try to mix everything I know into my dance at once.  Overall, I’ve been seriously dancing for only about 1-2 years, but I first learned raving and bboying around 5 years ago.

As is the phrase goes, I’m a “dancing engineer”, AKA an engineering student who therefore has no life when rehearsals are in session.  Other interests include dancing on the street, dancing in the halls, occasionally dancing in stores.  When no dance is involved, I love playing all sports, but namely ultimate, tennis, swimming, rowing, roller hockey, and I get quite competitive in a heated match of ping pong; and being genetically Korean, I can probably beat you at any video game, because supposedly we’re amazing like that.

I’ll end with one of my favorite dance quotes that all professional dancers use, across all languages and cultures:
“I’m not dancing so that I can earn money.  I’m earning money so that I can dance.”
BA---C!!!!  B-A-C, B-A-C what?!!