The protagonist of FENCES, Troy Maxson, is a strong man, a hard man.  He has to be – to survive.  For Troy Maxson has gone through life in an America where to be proud and black was to face pressures that could crush a man, body and sould.  But now in the 1950s are yielding to the new spirit of liberation in the 1960s…a spirit that is changing the world Troy Maxson has learned to deal with the only way he can…a spirit that is making him a stranger, angry and afraid, in a world he never knew and to a wife and son he understands less and less…

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Director: Roger Q. Mason ‘08

Troy: J. Paul Stephens
Bono: Zennen Clifton ‘08
Rose: Kelechi Ezie ‘08
Lyons: Jose Leonor ‘06
Gabriel: Osei Kwakye ‘09
Cory: Christopher Inniss ‘09
Raynell: Lauren Belayneh

Stage Manager: Angelica Harris ‘08
Assistant Stage Manager: Courtney Jones ‘08
Production Manager: Sian Ofaolain ‘08
Set Designer / Master Builder: Scott Grzenczyk ‘06
Sound Designer: Doug Lavanture ‘08
Light Designer: Will Ellerbe ‘08
Costumer: David Moore ‘09
Dance Choreographer: Heather-Rae Martin ‘07
Fight Choreographer: Jed Peterson ‘06
Photographer / Poster Designer: Bill Gaskins

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