This performance features a variety of Black authors from the acclaimed poet Langston Hughes to the renowned playwright Lynn Nottage, each successive piece building upon the trajectory of the Black female on her journey of self-awakening. In its own way, each poem, monologue, dialogue, and dance speaks to the inner life of the characters they unravel and the experience of the Black females they portray. A unique collection of voices and bodies telling the untold story so many have been afraid and unable to speak.  This piece is a testament to that silent struggle. It is time for the masks to fall and the voices to be heard.

Director: Lauren Whitehead ‘09
Compiled by: Chenelle Morris ’09

Cast :
Fatu Conteh ‘10
Mgbechi Erondu ‘10
Alexis Morgan ‘10
Philicia Saunders ‘10

Choreographer: Natalia Naman ‘08
Lighting Designer: Frankie Butler ‘09
Sound Designer: Alexis Morgan ‘10
Program Designer: I. Daniel Posen ‘09
Props Manager: David Moore ‘09
Publicity Director: Osei Kwakye ‘09

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