The Black Arts Company: Drama is thriving coalition of artists with a myriad of experience, interests, and passion who continuously dedicate themselves to illuminating the stages of Princeton University with the outstanding work of the African-American cannon since the Company’s founding in 1995.  The Company works tirelessly to provide fellow Tigers with main stage and showcase performances of seminal Black pieces while maintaining the highest standard of production quality and simultaneously training the next generation of artists.  For our efforts, the campus has graciously welcomed us, consistently attending in outstanding numbers.

To maintain the artistic fervor that has become our trademark while keeping prices at a level that allows maximum audiences to savor in our work, BAC: Drama relies on the donations of art aficionados who wish to have these voices at Princeton.  As one of the youngest dramatic entities at Princeton and also amongst the few to be un-endowed as a result, BAC: Drama needs to expand to sustain itself and continually fulfill its mission. 

 If you have enjoyed one of our performances, appreciate our importance in diversifying the University arts scene, or simply see the Company’s potential through your exploration of our website, we ask that donate to ensure this organization’s future.  And we will remain eternally grateful for your support. 

To donate please submit checks to:

Office of the Recording Secretary 
Princeton University 
The Helm Building 
330 Alexander Street 
Princeton, New Jersey 08540 
Phone: (609) 258-3305 
Fax: (609) 258-2432 

Please be sure to clearly state that your gift is intended for Black Arts Company: Drama.  For your assistance, the University will prepare all of the paperwork for you to receive a tax deduction.

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