Richard Jeffrey, Curriculum Vitae


Teenage logical positivism led me to Chicago for an MA with Carnap and, years later, to Princeton for a PhD with Hempel. My view of probability ("radical probabilism" in Probability and the Art of Judgment, 1992) grew out of that. So did a collaboration with Carnap; see Studies in Inductive Logic and Probability (1971, 1980). The Logic of Decision (1965, 1983; 1990) was the product of my long labor (1960-4), and Bolker's and Gödel's merciful midwifery (1964). Formal Logic: Its Scope and Limits (1967, 1981, 1991) was inspired when Raymond Smullyan cleared up Evert Beth's "tableau" method for me, on the street in New York, one day. The logic half of Computability and Logic (1974, 1980, 1989; by the 3rd ed. it was two thirds) came into being when George Boolos joined in. When George died in 1996 I edited his collected papers (Logic, Logic, and Logic, 1999), with lots of help from his other friends---notably, John Burgess. When Hempel died in 1997 I edited his Selected Philosophical Essays (2000). I miss them keenly.



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