Brandice Canes-Wrone

Donald E. Stokes Professor of Public and International Affairs
Professor of Politics
Princeton University
Recent Research
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"Electoral Business Cycles in OECD Countries." With Jee-Kwang Park. Forthcoming, February 2012. American Political Science Review 106(1).

"Judicial Independence and Retention Elections." Forthcoming, February 2012. Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. With Tom S. Clark and Jee-Kwang Park.

"Elections, Uncertainty, and Irreversible Investment." With Jee-Kwang Park. Forthcoming, British Journal of Political Science.

"Issue Accountability and the Mass Public." With William Minozzi and Jessica Bonney Reveley. 2011. Legislative Studies Quarterly. 36(1): 5-35.

"Partisan Signals and Democratic Accountability: An Analysis of State Supreme Court Abortion Decisions." With Richard Caldarone and Tom S. Clark. Journal of Politics 29(2): 560-573.

"Administrative Politics and the Public Presidency." Presidential Studies Quarterly 39(1): 25-37.

"Judicial Independence and Nonpartisan Elections." Wisconsin Law Review 2009(1): 21-65.

Research in Progress

"Elections, Uncertainty, and Economic Outcomes." With Christian Ponce de Leon.

"Judicial Selection and Death Penalty Decisions." With Tom S. Clark and Jason Kelly.

"The Rhetorical Presidency and the Obama Administration." With Jason Kelly.

"Foreign Direct Investment and Electoral Business Cycles."

"The Impact of Presidential Campaigning on Midterm Elections." With Jean-Francois Godbout.

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