We would like to thank you for viewing the Black History Month webpage.  This year our theme for the month is Overcoming the Insurmountable: The Power of Black Resilience.  With this theme we hope to demonstrate how throughout African-American history, regardless of the difficulty of a crisis, blacks have been able to utilize their strength to rise above and overcome.  It is this strength that has enabled African-Americans to be the people they are today and finally be recognized for their vast contributions to society.  Each event for the month, specifically our panels, discussions, and even our closing party, represents a topic in relation to black resilience.  Our goal for this month is to educate and engage the entire Princeton University community about the courage of the African-American spirit. 

As we approach the month, we hope that all will attend our events.  So please, explore our webpage and, more importantly, check our events. Thank you and enjoy!


Brittany Stanley ’09 and Brandee Tate ‘09

Black History Month Committee Co-Chairs

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