Family Wichser of Schwanden

Canton Glarus, Switzerland




Extracts of the genealogical books at Landesarchiv

Glarus 1962

Family Wichser

Authentic old family of canton of Glarus, in the villages Alarus, Schwanden, Betschwanden, Ruti, and Linthal, first named in years 1347, 1372, and 1394. In the reformation all lines turned to the Protestant Church. Many Wichsers served in the 16th century French military service. In 1596 Ludwig Wichser was nobled by the French King - he was Colonel.


Coat of Arms

In black silver sloping chevron with four red steps. Crest: silver swan's neck, after seal of Captain Peter Wichser, 1559, in the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris, France.


The Tree

Number 1 - Jacob Wichser

Number 8 - Burkhard Wichser

Number 11 - Hans Jacob Wichser

Number 19 - Hans Jacob Wichser

Number 40 - Peter Wichser

Number 56 - Caspar Wichser

Number 67 - Peter Wichser

Number 84 - Caspar Wichser