Beginning February 1, 2006 the Air Force Office of Scientific Research shall fund a new project entitled: Renewable Biosolar Hydrogen Production from Robust Oxygenic Phototrophs_Supplement. The investigators are John Peters (Montana State Univ.), Robert Austin (Princeton University) and Charles Dismukes (Princeton University, PI). This grant will enable the Peters and Austin labs to develop collaborations with members of the BioSolarH2 team aimed at improving biohydrogen production from cyanobacteria and microalgae. Specifically, the new grant will support collaborations with John Peters to develop directed evolution experiments in cyanobacteria aimed at the creation of chimeric hydrogenases with improved function, and with Robert Austin, to examine the use of microfabricated chemostats for improving high throughput screening of native culture collections and mutant selection, and rapid survey of physiological conditions using nutrient gradient profiles.