Case Studies in European Prehistory

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Peter Bogucki

Interpreting Ireland's Prehistoric Landscape: The Bally Lough Archaeological Project
Stanton W. Green and Marek Zvelebil

The Skateholm Project: late Mesolithic Coastal Settlement in Southern Sweden
Lars Larsson

Archaeological Investigations on Neolithic and Bronze Age Sites in Southeastern Poland
Sarunas Milisauskas and Janusz Kruk

The Mesolithic/Neolithic Transformation in the Lower Rhine Basin
Leendert P. Louwe Kooijmans

Neolithic Sites in the Polish Lowlands: Research at Brzesc Kujawski, 1933-1984
Peter Bogucki and Ryszard Grygiel

Investigating the Origins of Temperate Europe's First Towns: Excavations at Hascherkeller 1978-1981
Peter S. Wells

Changing Paradigms in the Study of the Prehistoric Economy: an Example from East-Central Europe
Janusz Ostoja-Zagorski

Approaches to the Etruscan Landscape: the Development of the Tuscania Survey
Graeme Barker, Annie Grant, and Tom Rasmussen

Danebury: the Anatomy of a Hillfort Re-Exposed
Barry Cunliffe

The Economy of an Early Anglo-Saxon Village: Zooarchaeological Research at West Stow
Pam J. Crabtree