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Benedikt Sabass

Being a theoretical physicist working in biophysics, I am mostly interested in principles that determine how cells feel and respond to their mechanical environment. I collaborate with experimentalists and use a technique called traction force microscopy to measure mechanical activity of cells.

I also enjoy working on research themes related to statistical physics and soft matter. For instance, microswimmers and the interplay of topology and broken time-reversal symmetry.

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Curriculum Vitae

    02/2014 - present
    Postdoctoral research fellow at Princeton University, Complex Fluids Group of Howard Stone
    07/2013 - 12/2013
    Postdoctoral researcher at Heidelberg University, Physics of Complex Biosystems Group of Ulrich Schwarz
    05/2012 - 06/2013
    R&D in industry (for PORSCHE AG and for the collaborative initiative intelligent Zero Emission Urban System)
    02/2009 - 04/2012
    PhD in Theoretical Physics, Stuttgart University
    Advisor: Udo Seifert
    09/2004 - 08/2008
    Diploma in Physics, Heidelberg University


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Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Princeton University
G02 E-Quad
Olden St., Princeton, NJ 08544

email: Benedikt.Sabass at