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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associated Faculty, Department of Geosciences
Associated Faculty, Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI)
Deputy Editor, Environmental Engineering Science
Editorial Board, Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology
Past President, AEESP (2003-2004)


Dr. Peters works in the areas of environmental chemistry and geochemistry. Her work focuses on the environmental challenges of subsurface energy technologies such as geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide, geothermal energy production, and hydrofracking for shale gas extraction. She applies a range of approaches to solving these problems, including laboratory experiments for experimental investigation, imaging via X-ray spectroscopy and electron microscopy, and mathematical modeling for reactive transport simulations. Dr. Peters has a very collaborative approach to research, working with colleagues at numerous other universities and national labs. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Left to right: Juan Nogues, Hang Deng, Catherine Peters, Liz Costello, Arjun Arora, Brian Ellis, Lauren Crandell


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