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Classes are taught by Mestre Zumbi. We cover stretching, strength building, capoeira movements (kicks, defense, motion, acrobatics), capoeira instruments, songs, and maculele. Beginners are welcome. Capoeira is for everyone - come give it a try.

If you'd like information about attending classes held at the Princeton University Dillon Gym please see the Campus Recreation page at http://www.princeton.edu/campusrec/

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Class Description

Classes provide an introduction into the basic movements and techniques of Capoeira in the style of Capoeira Regional. Mestre Zumbi will teach stretching, basic movements, kicks and defenses as well as an introduction into the music and songs of Capoeira. Classes usually end with a roda or capoeira game which brings all of these elements together and allows students to apply the knowledge they gained. Classes are taught in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and will give you a great cardio workout. No experience in Capoeira or martial arts is required.


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