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:: Capoeira Video Clips and Movies ::

Many of these clips require the QuickTime Player. Download it free here http://www.apple.com/quicktime

Some Hilights from our Afro-Brazilian Festival - April 2008

2008 Afro-Brazilian Festival (YoutTube)

A presentation on the lawn behind Frist - Spring 2006

2006 Frist Presentation (YoutTube)

A presentation for Akwaaba's Diaspora Event - Spring 2004

2004 Diaspora Presentation (YouTube)

A few excerpts from our Batizado video recorded December 6, 2003 in Jadwin Gymnasium. Featuring Mestre Ramos (Senzala), Mestre Deputado, Mestre Curisco (Quilombo Queimado) and many others

batclip03.mov (QT)

A collection of moments from our Batizado in Dillon Gym - September 21, 2002. Featuring Mestre Ramos (Senzala), Mestre Peixinho (Senzala), Mestre Cabeca (Capoeira Brasil) and tons more

batclip02.mov (QT)

3 different rodas: Contra Mestre Zumbi and Professora Loba first at the Hoboken waterfront in June of 2003, and then at Mestre Ramos' workshop in July 2003 and finally Zumbi playing a game with Mestre Museo of Artes Das Gerais at Tiba's batizado in June 2003 (music by Mestre Toni Vargas off of his cd "Liberdade")

3roda.mov (QT 2.4M)

From one of our summer rodas in Union Square in New York City (July 2003)

nyc_roda.mov (QT 3.5M)

From our roda in Princeton (March 2003)

march03.mov (QT 2.1M)

Iuna game from a Senzala street roda at the beach in Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro (Jan 2003)

rio street roda.mov (QT, 3.7M)

Mestre Peixinho's class roda at the academy in Rio (Jan 2003)

peixinho class roda.mov (mov, 3.7M)

Mestre Peixinho and Professor Zumbi in the capoeira roda (June 2001)

zumbi_peixinho_roda.rm (real media, 938 K)

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